Please Print The Following Forms, Fill them out and Bring them with You!
See our policy for late and missed appointments below.



Chemical Peels

Lateness &  No-Shows!

Be Courteous to others and of our time!!
If you cannot make your appointment please call.  Our cancellation list is full of others trying to make an appointment with us for services!
As a part of my scheduling policy, if you are a no-show/no-caller, you WILL be charged $35 to reschedule

If you are a No-show/No-caller, and you have purchased a Groupon it WILL BE Redeemed for the Value of a No-show charge in accordance with guidelines set forth by Groupon!
What if I am Late?

Our practice observes a 10-minute lateness policy.  If you are more then 10 minutes late to your appointment you will have to reschedule.  
Our business requires the completion of consents and paperwork applicable to your treatments at each setting. Which is why I recommend printing them and filling them out before you arrive. 
This paperwork can take up to 10-minute to complete.  If you are already 10-minutes late and you have 10 minutes worth of paperwork, you are only receiving a

30-40 minute treatment.  Our treatments are timed with safety and strict protocols in mind.  

For over 12-years we have prided ourselves on punctuality & are known for being timely.   We also are strict with this policy out of consideration of subsequent clients and their need to remain on time.